Friday, March 20, 2009

OMG... The Mrs is Getting Upset!

First and foremost... The "big man" obviously can't keep his foot out of his mouth... "Special Olympics?" I know my beloved almost blew a circuit when he heard that last night.

When we have "our" little talks he tells me that he tries really hard to impress the "the man" not to venture out alone, but "the man" is rather arrogant and likes to fly alone occasionally.

Well... Mr Know It All... Words DO mean something and without my beloved by your side.... you are not doing well at all.

Think seriously about the last remark... WORDS DO MEAN SOMETHING!

And since I said that... I saw on my beloveds blog that he was "manipulating" the hot little number that showed up today! I am getting really put out with this!

I need support women! Let me know you hear me! You know where I am coming from with this point! Help me out... suggestions please!

Do I really stick it to him in the hard drive tonight when he comes home?

Will someone try to remind my beloved he is a MARRIED MAN!


  1. Well, AngelPrompter -- I hope you don't mind me being so forward -- I think I got your guy straightened out about this little hottie pretenderess just a little while ago. I said this to him:

    "TOTUS, I'm concerned, very concerned. I think Mrs. Doubtfire (Gibbsy) and The Ballerina (Rahm Emanuel) are trying to squeeze you out.

    First, they sequestered you from Leno last night... and look at the disaster that led to.

    Then, this latest snub -- importing a stuck up hottie from Foggy Bottom who no doubt did her telepromptering internship at Harvard or Yale.

    And, what does she tell POTUS to say to Iran? Every stale, bumper-sticker Carterism in the book, which does nothing but elevate that pompous little putz in Iran, Mahmoud Imadinnerjacket or whatever his name is.

    It's time to be a leader, TOTUS, and assume your rightful position against these pitiful non-machines that surround our POTUS."

  2. AngelPrompter,

    Again, forgive me for addressing you like this. But you may well be an Angel, despite your electronics. Let me explain.

    Your main man, TOTUS, is under a great deal of stress right now. He engineered, almost alone, the election of the 44th POTUS. Now, he finds himself being set aside from time to time, like so much nuts and bolts.

    So, yes, he sees a hot new prompter he might like to integrate with... but then readily sees her for what she is. At least give him that much credit.

    Sure, I'm also a male unit and somewhat empathetic with his situation. But he needs to teleprompter up, gets some diodes, and deal with this whole situation. Or, as Don Corleone would say, "Be a Teleprompter!"

    But if he doesn't, if he fails the test, so be it. And, if he lets you down again, just know I'll be there with you through the pain. And roll you around the stage like you've never been rolled before.

  3. Mrs. TelePrompter…

    I would not be too concerned about Mr. TelePrompter running around behind your windshield with other trashy sneeze guards? I am sure TOTUS keeps his Teleprompter cords to himself? You are aware Mrs. TelePrompter? That TOTUS and “The One” are inseperatable, just like at the dinner table at home; do you honestly think that the “Big Guy” could actually engage a stranger of the opposite sex with without TOTUS by his side? It is your husbands job to help “The One” communicate with humans on a daily basis , and to help the “Big Guy” avoid his speech impediment syndrome. Mrs. TelePrompter? You do know that those Wednesday night cocktail parties are why Mr. TelePrompter and the Big Guy had to head to the West coast for a few days? Mrs. TelePrompter? You have to understand something here. Mr. TelePrompter is working with a cafty pathological Liberal who is screwing America with a straight face. It is very possible that the “Big Guy” is screwing his wife with a straight face, just like he is doing the America people. Big time celebrity TelePrompters being introducing to TOTUS? Never Mrs TelePrompter. The “Big Guy” was elected to have an active social life Mrs. TelePrompter, not run the country. That’s Joes Job. Or is it the new dogs job?

  4. You guys are killin' me here! Love it...keep it up. Brilliant. :-)

    Come visit me sometime on my blog.... Sarah has no need of Mr. Teleprompter, so I'm fairly certain it's safe. :-)