Friday, March 20, 2009

OMG... The Mrs is Getting Upset!

First and foremost... The "big man" obviously can't keep his foot out of his mouth... "Special Olympics?" I know my beloved almost blew a circuit when he heard that last night.

When we have "our" little talks he tells me that he tries really hard to impress the "the man" not to venture out alone, but "the man" is rather arrogant and likes to fly alone occasionally.

Well... Mr Know It All... Words DO mean something and without my beloved by your side.... you are not doing well at all.

Think seriously about the last remark... WORDS DO MEAN SOMETHING!

And since I said that... I saw on my beloveds blog that he was "manipulating" the hot little number that showed up today! I am getting really put out with this!

I need support women! Let me know you hear me! You know where I am coming from with this point! Help me out... suggestions please!

Do I really stick it to him in the hard drive tonight when he comes home?

Will someone try to remind my beloved he is a MARRIED MAN!

Late Night TV

Oh how life has changed.

From the streets of Chicago to the Jay Leno Show. My beloved stood by the Big Guy through harsh winters... holding meetings everywhere the Big Guy could and when he makes it to late night tv well.... I don't see my beloved in this picture anywhere....

I know his head is hung low tonight on the way back to the east coast... The Big Guy knows NOT to go off script... and tonight he didn't even have a script. This is going to cause Fox News to go wild tomorrow!

I bet he has Ms. Blackberry in his pocket...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Just like a "teleprompter".... never tell what's going on behind the scenes and never mention the MRS TELE!

I decided, today, I could no longer stand in the shadows.... I wanted a blog of my own to express my opinions and to let America see into our lives. All of this, of course, is a surprise to MR TELE... aka TOTUS.

"Barack's Teleprompter's Wife" has been launched with excitement and joy!

As any adoring "significant other" would be... I hope he doesn't mind that I tell of our life together, behind the scenes, and my adoration for Rush! Oh... maybe I shouldn't have printed that... I'm being transparent... I'd blush if I could!

Tele will be arriving from his hanging out in California with the movie stars soon and I want to surprise him with my news (of my blog) and offer my encouragement and support for all he did today.

He feels a little shunned because of the Leno gig, or lack of... but hey... he's a strong teleprompter who has just begun!!!

Stay tuned, follow, and leave comments.... Let's have some fun and enjoy!