Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Just like a "teleprompter".... never tell what's going on behind the scenes and never mention the MRS TELE!

I decided, today, I could no longer stand in the shadows.... I wanted a blog of my own to express my opinions and to let America see into our lives. All of this, of course, is a surprise to MR TELE... aka TOTUS.

"Barack's Teleprompter's Wife" has been launched with excitement and joy!

As any adoring "significant other" would be... I hope he doesn't mind that I tell of our life together, behind the scenes, and my adoration for Rush! Oh... maybe I shouldn't have printed that... I'm being transparent... I'd blush if I could!

Tele will be arriving from his hanging out in California with the movie stars soon and I want to surprise him with my news (of my blog) and offer my encouragement and support for all he did today.

He feels a little shunned because of the Leno gig, or lack of... but hey... he's a strong teleprompter who has just begun!!!

Stay tuned, follow, and leave comments.... Let's have some fun and enjoy!


  1. Is it true your beloved TOTUS began his career as a sneezeguard at a CHILIES in Rio Linda?

  2. Mrs TOTUS?

    I was at that CHILIES in Rio Linda when your beloved TOTUS began his career. That was years ago. I actually remember the day he was replaced by a lexan. Your husband is a true American success story. From CHILIES to TOTUS!

    Big Fan Mrs. TOTUS, Big Fan.